Slice of Life: How I started Clean Diet

Karin’s story is about how a woman transformed and healed her own health issues, and now uses her passion for balance and clean eating to inspire and teach others that they too can be in control of their own health.

1996 The Year Eating Disorders Began

I grew up in an amazing household, surrounded by so much love and acceptance, yet I still spent over a decade filled with self-hatred towards my body. My only measure of any self-worth came from the number I saw on the scale. I convinced myself that when I got to my desired weight I would stop, but there was always more to lose; no weight ever felt good enough, I was never good enough. While enlisted in the army I went to live on my own where my demons followed me, torturing me more than ever. Every boundary I set for myself, I broke. I starved myself, spent hours at the gym, and took every diet pill available. My thoughts were constantly consumed only by how I could lose more weight.  I would get on the scale multiple times a day in hopes that something would change. The scale became my best friend; it followed me everywhere, in the car, in the bath, in my bed. It was loyal and it never left me alone. The scale always made it seem like I was in control. I went out of my way to hide it, skipping social and family obligations. My obsession with my weight began to dictate my priorities. Everything revolved around food, every hour, every minute, every second. Eventually, it was all I cared about.


2007 The Year Everything Changed

I was discharged from the army and planned an incredible trip with my best friend. This trip was amazing and it was the first time in such a long time that my thoughts were at ease. After a month and a half I returned home. I knew I had to make a choice: Was I going to take control of my disease or let my disease take control of me? I chose myself. I decided to stop lying – to my therapist, to my parents, to the world, and most importantly, I stopped lying to myself.


2008 Learn .. Learn .. Learn

At this stage I was working in fashion, an industry where I no longer found fulfillment. I knew that if I really wanted to dedicate myself to getting better that I would have to completely change the direction and purpose of my life: I quit my job, enrolled in nutrition school, and most importantly made a commitment to never give up on myself. This transformation did not happen overnight and it was not easy, it took two full years to get myself to a healthy place, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. It was never only a physical struggle, it was a mental battle. I had to fight against every ill-thought, temptation, and demon, but in the end, I won.


2009 A New Beginning

I first made my mark as a nutritionist at one of Israel’s most successful nutritional practices. Working with celebrity clientele and using cutting-edge resources, I developed a unique and effective approach to eating and obtaining a positive self-image. I live a healthy lifestyle and have taught countless others to do the same. I utilize a comprehensive approach that combines nutrition, education, support, and behavioral change.


2012 A New Opportunity Emerged

Wanting to further my knowledge and experience, I relocated to New York City and became the Head of the Nutrition and Fitness Department at Reebok Sports in New York City. There I was able to do a variety of health-focused projects with fitness industry giant, Nike.


2017 This Was A Big Year

2017 was a milestone year for K Nutrition. I released my first Recipe Book that sold out in a week! It is now one of the top-selling healthy recipe books. I was kept very busy with speaking engagements, writing, consulting, and partnering with companies such as Whole Foods. My public recognition grew significantly as well – on social media, as a Radio Host on LA Talk Radio, and as a featured guest on KTLA television.

2019 … and beyond

To this very day and for every day after, the driving force for everything my team and I do remains the same – to inspire people to live healthier, happier lives. We have partnered with various companies such as Siggi’s, Califia Farms, Bare Chips, RXBAR, and many more. And best of all, to be able to reach and help many more clients, I released a new Recipe Book in English and Hebrew, a Kid’s Nutrition Guidebook, and continue to grow my company.  I look forward with great anticipation to what is ahead and will always bring a positive approach to reinforce with everyone that I come into contact with that transformation is possible!

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