Meet Karin Adoni Ben-David


Founder, Nutritionist & Health Coach

Karin Adoni, is the creator of CLEAN DIET by KARIN and a highly sought-after Certified Nutritionist and Health Coach specializing in healthy lifestyles, emotional eating, and sugar detox. After suffering from severe eating disorders for over a decade, she transformed her life and now devotes herself to the practice of health and nutrition. Today, she empowers the lives of her clients, just as she did for herself, through healing the mind, body, and soul through the power of food. Karin utilizes a comprehensive approach that combines nutrition, education, support, and behavioral change. Karin made her mark as a nutritionist at one of Israel’s most successful companies, Eatgood. Working with celebrity clientele and using the most cutting-edge resources, Karin developed her unique and effective approach to eating and obtaining a positive self-image. Later, she became the Head of the Nutrition Department at Reebok Sports in New York City. Today, Karin has an exclusive, private practice in Los Angeles and leads popular and successful online nutrition programs for clients worldwide. Karin’s programs restore the body to balance through eating real and delicious whole foods, setting her programs apart from conventional nutritional practices. Balance, health, pleasure, love, and acceptance – these are the values that drive me in my personal and professional life. However, it wasn’t always this way. My story starts at a young age, around age 11. I always try to think back to that time, to figure out why it all happened? Was it my desire to always be in control, to be the skinniest, to be the best, or was it self-punishment for all the things in my life that did not turn out the way I wanted? It’s still unclear to me.


Karin’s story is about how a woman transformed and healed her own health issues, and now uses her passion for balance and clean eating to inspire and teach others that they too can be in control of their own health.