Finding Your True Weight

Did you know that the body changes its shape looking at the time of the day and also the food that we take during the day? Lauren Tickner, a fitness blogger on Instagram uploaded her side-by-side pictures, Lauren labeled one “Morning” and the other “evening” – and therefore the difference is unquestionably noticeable!

To accurately monitor your weight, consistency is essential. If you wish to remember when you’re losing, gaining, or maintaining weight, the most effective time to weigh yourself is that the same time you weighed yourself the last time.


Here are some tips to ensure that you are weighing yourself correctly:

  • Use a weighing device

Nope, guessing your weight does not count and some scales are more accurate than others, for best results – seek recommendations from health care providers, fitness trainers, or me – Karin!

More importantly, only use this scale, don’t weigh yourself elsewhere. Any changes will indicate an accurate alteration from the same source.


  • Always weigh the same thing

After selecting a scale you’re confident about, always weigh the same thing when you weigh yourself. That means, if you weigh yourself with your watch on – always wear the same watch once you weigh again. My recommendation is to weigh yourself naked, if possible.


The next question you might have next is, how often do you need to weigh in?


Did you know that studies show that within two years of weight loss, people generally gain ⅔ of the weight back that they worked hard to lose? But if you weigh yourself regularly, research suggests, you’ll be more successful in losing weight and maintaining it!


Weekly Weigh-In: In my program, I use weekly weigh-in, and here’s why – when you weigh yourself at least once a week, you can observe not only the changes on your scale but also in your body fat. You’ll begin to see slight differences in your general form like how your clothes start to feel loose or fit – this experience would motivate you further to continue your journey. 


Daily Weigh-In: One of the biggest benefits of daily weigh-ins is that you can make small changes throughout the day to help you stay on track. You’ll be able to catch the little ups and downs in weight faster and address it immediately. For example, you can decide whether to exercise more or refocus your eating habits.


Here’s the Nugget Size:

Consistency is key to accurate weight measurement. To get the best results:

  • Weigh yourself at the same time every day (morning is best, after using the restroom).
  • Only use one scale.
  • Weigh yourself naked or wear the same thing for every weight measurement.
  • Choose whether you’ll do daily weigh-ins or weekly-ins
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