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Karin Adoni Ben-David a Nutritionist and Health Coach with a mission to make clean eating simple, tasty, and healthy. For this book, she chose recipes that reflect some of her favorite classic dishes, modernizing them to be lighter, fresher, and even more delicious. Each recipe combines quality ingredients with bold flavors, creating dishes that leave you wondering why you ever questioned clean eating in the first place. No one should have to compromise great taste for good health, and now you don’t have to! Bon Appetit!

The recipe book includes more than 160 different recipes, all simple, easy and tasty to make.

The book is divided into 8 sections: breakfast, snacks, salads, side dishes, vegetarian meals, entree, desserts and drinks.

All the recipes are easy to make and won’t require more than 15 minutes. The recipes are all low carb, based on whole real foods with great flavors for the entire family.


12 reviews for The Recipe Book NEW EDITION

  1. Maayan Shemesh

    So many useful recipes . I’m absolutely obsessed with this !
    Highly recommended!

  2. Dikla

    Omg if you didnt purchase these books yet please do!!
    Creative recipes, a lot of new ideas, also dessert book is Amazing ! Worth the investment and even more!

  3. Vered ban

    I recently purchased the digital recipe book. I made a lot of delicious food that is healthy and tasty. Highly recommend it

  4. Vered ban

    I also purchased the dessert book. Absolutely love it. Very easy recipes to very tasty and yummy desserts. I use this book all the time. It’s a MUST

  5. Michelle Azulay

    I bought both the recipe book & the dessert book. In the last year, I’ve tried almost every recipe, and many have become regular dishes at our house. I find them very easy to follow. Majority of ingredients are always available at local markets & most importantly, they’ve had a great nutritional impact on my family’s health & diet. Highly recommended!

    P.S. don’t miss out on the espresso flourless cake & the banana chocolate chip cake!

  6. Miri Tsabag

    I have been using the book for a long time and my family including my grandkids and myself love the food. easy to make and very tasty.
    Highly recommend ❤️

  7. Sivan

    I love the easy recipes and the fact that it’s healthy
    I almost cooked everything.
    My favorite is the espresso cake (;
    Highly recommend!

  8. Lily

    Love this book and so does my teenager. We made so many of the recipes from the book. It is healthy, tasty and easy to make. We have favorites from every section. Breakfasts are fun. My daughter is a pescatarian and there are so many options for her. And don’t let me start talking about the desserts. I think I have to make one now…Highly recommended!!!

  9. Sarit Sachs

    So many great delicious recipes!!
    It’s a must have recipe book in every house…
    Love love love

  10. Sarit

    Great and delicious recipes,
    A must have recipe book in every house…
    Love love love!!!!!

  11. Hana Abargel

    All of the recipe books are my go-to!! Recipes are super yummy, not time consuming and there are so many options! Always love cooking them with my daughter which makes it so much fun!

  12. Keshet Landau (verified owner)

    I have purchased both books about a month ago, and they have since become absolute favorites in our household. These are all bulletproof receipes, with ingredients that are easily found. The receipes are great for anybody, for people who don’t enjoy cooking/have no time for it, or for well experienced cooks who still want to try something new.
    The books provide an easy way to eat delicious, nutritious food using ingeredients that are good for us regardless of our taget weight but always considering our health goals. These are receipes for anybody who is interested to know how to stay healthy, cook fast and cook yummy. In addition, I personally enjoyed the presentation of the books. The pictures and the clever layout, including adjustments possible for different types of dietary constraints and needs. These are not receipes that you’ll start working on, to then discover an ‘oh so important detail’ that was accidentally left to the very end. I highly recommend these books, to incorporate into a daily routine of a healthier lifestyle.

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