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Karin Adoni is a nutritionist, health coach, and the creator of CLEAN DIET by KARIN with a mission to make clean eating simple, tasty, and healthy. This book’s recipes reflect some of Karin’s favorite desserts (holiday ones, too!) modernizing them to be lighter, fresher, and even more delicious.

The book has 55 amazing recipes. Each one combines quality ingredients with bold flavors, creating desserts that leave you wondering why you ever questioned clean eating in the first place. Karin has included key substitutions for those on Gluten-Free, Paleo, Keto, and Vegan diets. Karin created the dessert recipes to fit the kosher diet because Kosher guidelines strictly prohibit the pairing of any meat and dairy

No one should have to compromise great taste!

The book includes Muffins, cakes, pound cakes, cookies, drinks, frozen treats and energy bars. All simple and easy to make with no prior knowledge in baking and no need for any special equipment.

The book includes Karin’s favorite dessert recipes:

Espresso cake, Hazelnut cake, Orange coconut cake, apple cake, tahini cookies, apple cookies, chocolate chip cookies, frozen chocolate bites, coconut fingers, banana chocolate chip muffins, strawberry muffins, tahini chocolate muffins, smoothies and many more healthy drinks, sweets, and desserts.

2 reviews for The Dessert Book

  1. Hanna

    Great book, healthy sweets. In addition, beautiful pictures!!!

  2. Maya R

    Love this book! I have a sweet tooth and this book really helped me! Great and extremely easy to follow recipes and most importantly tasty and healthy ❤️

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