Whole Foods Grocery List (Digital)


How do we start our journey towards living a healthier lifestyle? With a concrete recommended grocery list!

We have taken out all of the guess work for you and made an amazing Whole Foods Grocery List that will keep you informed, prepared, and enjoying healthy meals every day!

Whole Foods is an amazing grocery store to purchase healthy, organic produce and ingredients for all of Karin Adoni Ben- David’s recipes and nutritional programs. To save you some time and make your meal plans easier, we have also included recommendations for meals that you can simply heat up in a few minutes.

We have compiled a detailed recommended grocery list with photos which includes: Oils, Salad Dressings, Snacks, Sauces (Soy and Tomato), Sweeteners and Baking Produce, Bean/ Lentil and Skinny Pasta, Coconut Milk (Cream) and Recommended Brand for Canned Beans, Breads and Tortilla (Gluten Free Options), Healthy Beverages, Dairy/ Eggs, Ice Cream and Popsicles, Frozen Fruits and Vegetables, Nut/ Seeds Butter and Baking Chocolate, Breakfast Options, and Chicken/ Vegetable Broth.


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