How To Start Exercising Again After An Injury

You might be impatient to work out again after pausing for weeks, or months, due to an injury. However, you shouldn’t jump back in full force since your body isn’t used to that level of activity anymore. As such, below are some steps you can take to ease yourself into exercising again after an injury:

Consult your doctor

Before you start anything, it’s important to talk to your doctor. They can help customize your exercises based on your injury, as well as teach you some tips on working out safely.

Start slow

You have to accept that you won’t be able to pick up the same weights or  run the same distance as before your injury. Typically, you should start at around 50% of your pre-injury level, and increase by around 10% each week — but there’s no shame if you have to start and increase by a lower percentage.

Allot more time for warm-ups and cool-downs

Now that you’re coming back from an injury, it’s more important to give more time to warm-ups and cool-downs. Ideally, you allot three to five minutes for them, but your doctor can recommend more, if needed.

Listen to your body

It’s normal to feel a little discomfort or pain. However, this is not the time to push through the pain. If the pain is very bad, and lasts longer than at least an hour after your exercise, it’s a sign that you should cut back on the effort more next time.

Celebrate milestones

Remember that your pre-injury self was the accumulation of time and effort. As such, be patient with yourself, and when you’ve hit a new milestone — such as running farther or lifting heavier — congratulate yourself. This also motivates you to keep going since you know you’ll eventually reach your pre-injury strength.

Be strong, Stay Safe Love.



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