The Top 5 Weight Loss Tips to Lose Weight Faster

While a healthy diet and exercise regimen is essential for living a healthier life, it is also necessary to participate in a detox program on a regular basis to maintain your fitness. A frequent detox helps our bodies combat toxic accumulation, allowing our organs to work better and ultimately assisting us in our weight reduction goals. Today, If you’re interested in losing weight faster than ever before, read on to learn the five amazing techniques to detox that can not only rid your body of toxins but also jumpstart your fitness journey!

1) Track your progress

Tracking your progress is a great way to make sure you’re getting results. You can either use an app like Fitocracy or MyFitnessPal (MFP) or just jot down your progress in a notebook. For weight loss, it helps to not only record what you’ve eaten, but also how many calories you consumed during that meal and at what time of day. Making a note of that type of data can help motivate you when results are slower than expected. And it’s also important to make notes about whether your mood was good or bad, as well as any physical issues that may have affected how you felt at different points in time.

2) Workout regularly

The right exercises are crucial for weight loss. Make sure you’re doing cardio exercises at least three times a week, especially when trying to lose weight. The key is to include both lower-intensity cardio and higher-intensity interval training (HIIT) in your routine. Studies show that HIIT improves insulin sensitivity, lowers blood pressure and boosts metabolism so it’s one of our best tips for losing weight fast. Low-intensity exercise burns more calories per hour than high intensity, but it also burns fewer calories overall — which means you have to work harder and longer if you want any results.

3) Drink plenty of water

The best way to lose weight is by consuming 8-10 glasses of water daily. Water has zero calories and acts as a natural appetite suppressant. It also hydrates your skin, giving it a radiant look. You can incorporate lemon in your water if you want some flavor. Instead of eating meals with snacks in between, try having a tall glass of water first before sitting down for your meal.

4) Add fiber to meals

Fiber is crucial for a healthy weight loss diet, and an easy way to add more fiber is by eating more raw fruits and vegetables. By doing so, you’ll be getting plenty of nutrients while also giving your system something it can use in order to get rid of waste and excess fat. One cup of broccoli contains two grams of fiber, as well as essential vitamins C and K. The same amount of spinach will net you three grams—just one gram shy of most adults’ daily requirements! If you’re having trouble getting enough fiber in your diet naturally, try taking a daily supplement like Metamucil or Citrucel; just remember that some supplements may interact with other medications you’re taking so always check with your doctor first.

5) Get involved with others in an Optavia community

One of my biggest challenges when I first started was that I didn’t have anyone else in my life who was doing it with me. There were no meet-ups and if someone from class talked about it, they kept it pretty private. If you’re serious about getting healthy and fit, you need to surround yourself with people who are serious about it too (and don’t mind being nosy/cheerleaders). Make sure you get plugged into a local community—others who are doing what you want to do will help hold you accountable for your choices and offer extra motivation for your goals. Also be sure to find an accountability partner!

Choosing a diet program is one of the most difficult parts of losing weight. The sheer number of choices can make your head spin, and before you know it, you find yourself spending hours and hours reading about each plan. But that’s no way to choose a diet—just look at it like any other decision you have to make in life: do your research (don’t just read reviews from bloggers who haven’t tried or aren’t qualified) and then trust your gut. Because in the end, you are what you eat (literally). If going vegan works for one person, it could work for another. And if eating lean protein keeps another person fit and trim (not obese), then by all means follow that plan.


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