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Welcome to the 4-part Goal-Setting Series with Karin!


What energizes you, how you take in information, what inspires you, and how you get things done all play a role in goal setting – and your capacity to achieve it effectively. All of these factors are linked to your personality type.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator has 16 distinct personality types (MBTI). The eight-letter combinations that make up the 16 kinds are a mix of letters. These 16 temperaments can also be divided into four categories. Your personality type may assist or impede you in accomplishing your objectives. It’s critical that you know where and how to get there.

Click here to take this self-assessment to acquire a better grasp of your individual temperament as a beginning point for understanding how you are wired. Follow along to discover how to use yours when it comes to goal setting!

To give my readers a summary, 16personalities was able to create different avatars based on the possible personality combination. By the end of the test, you’ll know what you are. Keep in mind who you are and stay with me until the end of the month to learn how you can use your personality in setting your goal for this year.

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