Making A Meal in a Glass

Have you ever had days where you’re hungry but don’t know what to eat, or you woke up late and you can’t do breakfast or you’re basically craving sweets? Well, I got a life hack for you –

SMOOTHIES! Keep reading and I’ll share with you 3 things about smoothings – How to make them and a food hack! 


Food hack! Before, making smoothies was a tedious task – who likes cutting up bananas when you’re late for work? 


Later, I learned 3 ways to make life easier!


The Jar Method

Add your blended smoothie in a jar and put in in the freezer! This would extend the shelf life up to 3 months! When you’re ready to drink, allow it to defrost for a bit, shake and enjoy!


Ice Cube method

Put your smoothie in an ice tray and put it in the freezer! Similar to the jar method but this is friendly for people who have a small fridge like mine before.


Ziplock Method

My favorite of all time! Simply put your cut fruits in a ziplock and freeze them. When you’re ready to drink, thaw it for a while and blend it. I use my personal size blender so if I am in the mood for a smoothie, I can simply put the frozen fruits on my blender for thawing and blend it once I am ready. 


See? Smoothie hack made my life easier! Plus it’s fun and more nutritional than grabbing a piece of toasted bread.


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