Who are you Part 3: Sensing and Intuition

Sensing and Intuition are the second set of psychological preferences. Does the information you get via your five senses (Sensing) take precedence over the patterns and possibilities you perceive in the information you receive (Intuition)?

Everyone has some Sensing time and some Intuition time. Sensing and sensual are not the same thing. These two things have nothing to do with each other.


If you prefer to acquire facts and information through your five senses and favor the practical and realistic, here’s what you should think about while making objectives.

  • Simple and reachable objectives are preferred by sensors (people with high sensing). Goals that are practical and achievable. Attainable refers to a goal that provides enough difficulty to inspire and encourage, but not so much that it appears silly.
  • Before a goal is defined, sensing individuals must know what will be attained with it. Finally, some real evidence must be shown that the aim can be achieved.
  • If you’re a “S,” don’t get caught up in the specifics if you’re a “S.” Examine the entire puzzle, not just the individual parts, to discover how it all fits together.



The more theoretically you gather data and information and trust your gut instinct, the better your goal-setting process will be.

  • Those who rely on their intuition try to avoid perceiving. You want to consider your long-term influence in the future. The nitty-gritty of goal-setting might be uninteresting at times.
  • Goals that are motivating, difficult, and placed within a conceptual framework are required for “Ns.” Because there is no drive or action without inspiration for “Ns,” objectives must be broad-based ideas that will propel you to new heights.
  • Because they are thought to be evident, intuitives do not like objectives that are too straightforward or clear. And the obvious does not need to be prepared – in the intuitive’s mind, it will take care of itself. As a result, the goal’s objective is to go beyond what is presently being done and, even if a goal appears to be out of reach, it’s preferable to attempt, even if you fail.
  • Intuitive people are always on the lookout for “the unachievable dream,” but bear in mind that you must be capable of achieving the objective. Intuitive people aren’t always aware of the practical implications of their intentions. If you’re a “N,” take heed to this.


How about you? Have you written down your goals yet?


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