1 One-On-One Coaching Session


The session begins with a discussion of your health goals and an assessment of your current health status through review of current blood work and various tests (BMI, body fat percentage, muscle mass, measurements, water weight, belly fat [visceral]). Based on your results and health goals, we will work together on customizing a healthy eating plan that best accommodates your lifestyle. You will receive a customized meal plan tailor fit to your needs, a ton of easy, healthy recipes, and tips and guidelines to help you stay on track. If you choose to buy one of our packages, the first session will be deducted and you will just need to pay the difference. As always, we make ourselves fully available to you for guidance and support after or between sessions.

Upgrade to our 5 sessions  and 10 sessions packages, by simply paying the difference from the initial consultation.

5 Package | $1,000

10 Package | $1,500