2022 Challenge: Lifestyle VS. Diet

Every day I come across endless posts of people explaining that if only they drank water with chia seeds, they would lose weight, that the secret is just to stop eating carbs, that if they started eating at 12 noon they would lose weight at a dizzying rate.
And I wonder when we will stop talking about the tricks, shortcuts, we will stop treating our body in a disparaging way and we will really start to create a change and realistic thinking habits.
I see people every day advertising about a positive body image, about self-love and self-concern, and I wonder do they really understand the meaning behind these subjects?
🤍 Self-love is to LOVE ourselves regardless of whether I lost a pound or gained a pound, self-love is to take care of myself from the inside as I take care of myself from the outside, self-love is to stop degrading yourself once you have eaten too much.
🤍 Self-love is to stop following all kinds of gurus who teach you to eat lettuce and wipe with a pear and make you feel bad if you are really hungry and want to eat.
🤍 Self-love is not going to work out and tearing myself up at the gym because I ate too much, real concern is going because I respect my body and it is important to me.
🤍 Self-love is not comparing yourself to every person you see.
🤍 Self-love is not giving yourself all the excuses in the world why you cannot, why your body is screwed, self-love is taking responsibility and loving yourself enough to put yourself first.
🤍 Self-love is to stop looking for these silly trends that tell you that if you do this you will look like this and if you stop eating at five in the evening you will lose 5 pounds a week.
Is it time to stop, and be attentive? 🚨 Am I in a good place, is what I’m doing right for me?
Are the professionals around me promoting a positive discourse or are they continuing to feed this constant vicious circle of diets?
The year 2022 is just starting – you CAN MAKE a decision that this year you will lose weight, you WILL MAKE a decision today that from today you respect your body, treat it nicely and the rest will come naturally.
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