5 [Holiday] Gifts for People Who Love Self-Care

The holiday season is fast approaching and it can be difficult to figure out what to get the people in your life. If you know someone who loves self-care, then look no further than this list of 5 great gifts for them! You’ll find everything from festive bath bombs to a new journal here. So check it out and give the gift of self-care this year!


1. A candle that smells like lavender or vanilla

A candle that smells like lavender or vanilla is a perfect gift for anyone this Christmas.
The warm scent can provide an oasis in the coldest time of year, so whoever receives it will have something they need to remind themselves about how much love there really is during these holidays filled with celebration but also sadness over those who are no longer around anymore because their lives were cut short by harsh circumstances earlier on down the line before things ever got better enough where people might think twice if ending theirs too soon just yet!

Bonus! They can also use it to de-stress while working from home.

2. A set of bath bombs

For the person who has everything, buy them a luxurious bath bomb. A set of four different sized “luxury” Bath Bombs are perfect to take your daily baths up a notch! The best part is that they smell amazing too – you’ll be hooked after one whiff (or use!). It would make an excellent gift for someone special on their birthday or another occasion during the winter holidays season when everyone wants pampering sessions in themselves whether at home with friends/family members; this will not only relax the body but also rejuvenate spirits as well considering how much stress we often experience throughout stressful days working away from those loved ones close enough yet so far away sometimes including ourselves

3. A new yoga mat

Yoga is a great way to stay healthy and limber during the holiday season. Yoga mats are also useful for practicing yoga while traveling, which can be difficult without one! The perfect gift this year would be an affordable mat that will make you smile on Christmas morning. A new yoga mat makes such wonderful presents because they’re always so personal- made just like their owner wanted them with color choices in mind or perhaps something special printed across its face while others serve no other function than being pretty decorations.,

4. A new journal for writing down all your thoughts and feelings

Put your thoughts in writing with this journal. Connect, reflect and record what is important to you on every page so that when the time comes for family or friends-you can share it with them

This unique gift will be perfect no matter who they are!

5. Karin’s Recipe Book

Do you have a foodie on your list? You’re not alone! There are plenty of gift ideas for the person who has everything. From cooking classes to gourmet cookbooks, their kitchen will thank them this Christmas with these thoughtful presents that they’ll enjoy using every day after opening up one tasty treat from each recipe inside as soon as dinner is done cooking or right before sitting down at the table themselves – no more sad dishes left behind because everyone else was too full to finish it off (or picked out something unhealthy).


Self-care is important! The benefits are enormous and it’s really not that difficult. If you need help, grab my recipe book now because I have tons of ideas for self-care products to use this year or anytime during the year. It includes recipes to make yourself a bath bomb with essential oils, how to create your own aromatherapy diffuser at work, what lotion should be in every woman’s bag (and why), plus lots more tips on taking care of yourself so you can take care of others better. Get started today by following just one tip from me – give the gift of self-care this year!

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