25 Healthy Snacks for Kids

A hungry kid is a grumpy Kid. And a growing child needs to get the nutrients he/she needs. However, many packaged snacks for kids are extremely unhealthy. They’re often packed with refined flour, combined sugars, and artificial ingredients. So, the million-dollar question I normally get is

“What are some good snack ideas for kids?”


Before I give you some easy snacks, let’s first touch on the basics of snacking – this would not only help your kid get used to healthy snacking but will also help you in the long run.

Did You Know That You Can Easily Expose Your kid To Yum And Friendly Snack Ideas?


How? By creating a snack list! Doing so, allows your child to see that chips, cookies, crackers, and sodas are the only snacks in the world!

Having a snack list also increases food variety. You can plan out how you would like the theme and flavors for a certain week, PLUS this can save you time thinking about what snacks to give when your kid starts to crank up or whenever I go to the groceries!

Personally, I set aside 2 hours every first day of the month to plan the whole “snack month”.


Karin’s Tip: You can create a menu of snacks, compile pictures and let your kid do the picking! 👌👌


The best thing about snack lists is that you can also involve your kid in creating them! This does not just foster bonding but it also entices them to look forward to the next snacking! It’s a WIN-WIN!


25 Snack Ideas for Kids

You know your child best. What does he like to eat? What is he willing to try?

Most of the snacks below contain carbohydrates (fruit, cereal, dried fruit, vegetables) and healthy fat (nuts, nut butter) or protein (low-fat cheese, yogurt, tuna).

Create new snacks with your child’s favorite foods by following the same easy food group pattern.

Here’s a list of 25 snack ideas to use as the base — then let your creativity flow!

  1. Fruit “Pops” Popsicles
  2. Oat-O’s, peanuts, and carob chips
  3. Donuts and Fries made out of Apples
  4. Yogurts and fruits
  5. Apple and cheese slices
  6. Banana dipped in peanut butter
  7. Any sauce cup and graham crackers
  8. Hummus and flat pretzels or baby carrots
  9. Tortilla with cheese (you can use any cheese)
  10. Air-Popped PopCorns
  11. Tuna Wraps
  12. Skewed fruits and frozen tarts
  13. Toast with butter and jam
  14. Toast with nut butter and banana
  15. Deli meat wrapped around a cheese stick
  16. Coconut yogurt and mini chocolate chips
  17. Nuts and dried fruit
  18. Peanut butter and pretzels
  19. Homemade trail mix (cereal, nuts, dried fruit)
  20. Mini Pizza (You and your kid can make this together)
  21. Low-fat chocolate milk and whole-grain crackers
  22. Chicken salad and green grapes
  23. Tossed salad with cheese cubes and dressing
  24. Smoothie made with frozen berries, yogurt, and milk
  25. Chocolate hazelnut butter and graham crackers


Need more ideas?

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Healthy Snacks! Healthy Kids!

See you next time!

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