The Surprising Benefits of Green Tea for Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight naturally? There are plenty of products out there that promise to help you shed pounds quickly and effectively, but many of them come with side effects or simply don’t work long-term. Luckily, you can lose weight the old-fashioned way, and with the help of green tea! Green tea extract is packed with powerful antioxidants that help your body burn fat more efficiently, and its combination of caffeine and L-theanine helps keep your body from storing extra fat around your middle.

Is Green Tea Good For Weight Loss

Drinking green tea can help boost your metabolism, which is essential to weight loss. It may also reduce your risk of developing obesity and diabetes 2. And if you’re trying to lose fat—particularly in just a certain area—you may find that green tea helps you succeed more than dieting alone. This makes sense when you consider how much caffeine is in green tea: four cups contains about 250 milligrams, which has been shown to accelerate fat burning by up to 10%. Plus, multiple studies have found drinking two cups (or more) per day decreases overall body weight by 3-5%. It’s no wonder that 80% of Dr. Oz’s Dr. Oz’s Approved products contain green tea extract!

Green Tea Can Help You Lose 1 Pound Per Week

Regularly drinking green tea can help you lose one pound every seven days, according to a study published in Obesity Research. Several studies have also shown that green tea extract can increase fat burning by about 4% and improve fat oxidation. In one study, daily consumption of catechins boosted metabolism by about 4%. The increased calorie burn lasted about five hours after drinking a cup of tea. Some research suggests that catechins affect beta-oxidation, making your body more efficient at breaking down fat cells.

Green Tea Helps Burn Fat, And Boosts Metabolism, Too

Green tea is commonly known as a weight loss tool because it acts as an appetite suppressant. It’s a stimulant, which activates catecholamine pathways, leading to an increase in fat oxidation. A 2009 study showed that green tea significantly increased calorie expenditure and fat oxidation in both lean and obese individuals. It also helps suppress your appetite by increasing satiety hormones leptin and adiponectin. How does green tea work to boost metabolism? One study showed that drinking 4 cups of green tea per day increased body heat production by 5 percent—the equivalent of burning an extra 25 calories per day!

4 Reasons Why Green Tea Is Good For Weight Loss

Drinking green tea can help you lose weight. There are 4 main reasons why it’s effective:

1)  it boosts your metabolism.

The caffeine in green tea speeds up your body’s internal calorie-burning mechanisms.

2) it suppresses your appetite.

By stimulating brain receptors that tell you you’re full, your appetite is automatically controlled to reduce overeating.

3) It increases fat burning.

Green tea has been shown to increase your resting metabolic rate by 3% after drinking just 2 cups a day for a month.

4) drinking green tea will make you feel fuller as a result of increased satiety hormones such as CCK and GLP-1.

This means that not only will you eat less but also less junk food cravings throughout the day! A study found that people who drank two cups of green tea daily lost an average of 5 pounds over 12 weeks without making any other changes to their diet or exercise habits!

What If I Drink More Than 2 Cups Of Green Tea A Day?

There’s little evidence showing that drinking more than three cups a day will provide any added benefit, however if you do drink more and are working out it is still safe. One theory behind green tea’s effects on weight loss suggests that its combination of caffeine and antioxidants may increase thermogenesis (the body’s production of heat) thus boosting your metabolism. Additionally, research shows that another component in green tea – EGCG – increases fat oxidation. This leads to a greater feeling of fullness and can help you consume fewer calories overall.

Can You Drink Too Much Green Tea To Lose Weight?

While there’s no proven limit to how much green tea you can drink, it is possible to have too much. Your body can only process so much caffeine at a time, and most sources recommend limiting your intake to around 300 milligrams per day (or three cups). Having more than that—especially if you take it in supplement form—could result in side effects like insomnia, nausea or even vomiting. There are also some studies linking high amounts of green tea consumption with thyroid tumors; while they’re not conclusive yet, they’re also worth keeping in mind if you tend to drink large quantities of green tea daily. So just make sure that you stick within healthy limits and don’t expect magic results from consuming tons of extra green tea on top of everything else!

There’s a reason that green tea has been a staple in Asian countries for centuries—it’s good for you. The benefits of green tea aren’t just limited to weight loss, but include potential protection against heart disease and cancer. Drink up and enjoy!



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