My 90 Days Transformation (& Menopause) Program

Shed Pounds & Inches
Join An Online Community
Learn Many Unique Techniques
Get The Tools To Live A Healthy Life
Look & Feel Your Absolute Best

The Program

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What Will You Get?

✔ Welcome call to get to know your mentor!

✔ Personalized menu that is tailored to your everyday life: dietary needs, medical health, kids, work hours, home life, etc.

✔ Weekly weigh-in and check in with your personal mentor: via phone or text

✔ WhatsApp and Facebook daily group support

✔ Grocery lists

✔ Daily feedback on food logs

✔ 75+ simple and delicious recipes

✔ 45+ videos to motivate and educate you

Shed Pounds & Inches

Join An Online Community

Learn Many Unique Techniques

Get The Tools To Live A Healthy Life

Look & Feel Your Absolute Best




  • Weekly lecture with Karin
  • Questions and answers, and progress updates
  • Daily short motivational and inspirational videos.
  • Daily tips, recipes and ongoing support.
  • Daily short motivational and
    inspirational videos workouts
  • Dozens of fun and unique recipes

This allows us to become a community, and nothing yields results more than having a support system.


You will be receiving the 90 Day Transformation Program Guidebook which includes everything you’ll need for the program:

  • 13 lecture summaries
  • Weekly detailed meal plans for weight loss, breastfeeding, pregnancy
  • Grocery lists for each supermarket
  • Over 200 amazing recipes for the entire family
  • Weekly weigh-ins
  • Weight charts, tips, and guidelines.
  • Daily check in and food log


  • Intro to Program
  • Food groups
  • How to read food labels
  • Guide to Dining Out
  • Emotional Eating
  • Motivation vs. Habits
  • How to Expedite the Weight Loss Processes
  • Behavioral Changes
  • Cheat Meals and Vacations
  • Different Kinds of Workouts
  • How To Keep The Weight Off
  • Life After The Program

All videos are archived in our Facebook group and can be viewed at any time during the duration of the program.

8 Amazing Things That Will Happen to You During the Program:


Lose Weight & Inches. Gain Energy.


Learn How To Cook Healthier.


Receive Daily Personalized Support.


Join An Amazing & Supportive Community.


Learn How To Read Food Labels & Restaurant Menus To Empower Your Eating.v


Regain Your Food Freedom Back


Lose 6-12 lbs. During The Program


Gain The Knowledge & Tools To Live Your New Healthy Life

The program starts in a 30-day boost which will help you to jumpstart your weight loss process, it’s based on eating whole, real foods while cutting back on processed foods.

3 Options


Regular 90 Day Program – Paid In Full

Our full 90 Day Program with all the program, guidance, and meal plans. Pay one time in full at the start.

90 Day Program – 3 Monthly Payments

Our full 90 Day Program with all the programs, guidance and meal plans, but 3 payments made over 3 months.

Menopause Program For 45+

This is the same as our full 90 Day Program but includes a special meal plan just for those 45+ in our “menopause program.” To sign up please purchase and register for the regular 90 day program and indicate at check-out you want to opt for the menopause program.

I’m Karin Adoni Ben-David

a certified holistic nutritionist & health coach with 10+ years of experience.

Designed to get you into the best physical and mental shape of your life through ongoing support, the foundation of this program is the health balance triangle of nutrition, preventive health education, and behavioral change. The 90 Day program is different than any other diet out there. I am going to teach you the best way to lose weight and to keep it off for good! No gimmicks, no BS, just whole real food! The program starts in a 30 day boost which will help you to jumpstart your weight loss processes, it’s based on eating whole ,real foods while cutting back on processed foods.

You will learn what are the best food choices to make, how to dine out smartly,cook healthy, simple and tasty! It’s going to be simple, no special foods or crazy workouts. You will receive a balanced meal plan that will reduce the hunger and sugar cravings.

In 90 days you will lose 20-30 pounds and will feel amazing! In 90 days, you will learn the ins and outs of what to eat and how to train, and how to be in complete control of your health. Find out how to take healthy habits and transform them into a manageable lifestyle. Remember, it takes four weeks to notice change, eight weeks for your friends to notice, and twelve weeks for the rest of the world to notice. But it only takes one day for you to decide to make that change. So take the step and join today!
Karin Adoni Ben-David, is a highly sought-after Certified Nutritionist and Health Coach specializing in healthy lifestyles, emotional eating, and sugar detox. After suffering from severe eating disorders for over a decade, she transformed her life and now devotes herself to the practice of health and nutrition. Today, she empowers the lives of her clients, just as she did for herself, through healing the mind, body, and soul through the power of food.

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